Amber Earth is a small-batch aromatherapy and essential oil company located in Port Dover, ON. We specialize in self-care products & handcrafted essential oil blends.

Mother. Daughter. Amber Earth.

is it just me, or is it steamy in here?

You asked, and we have the answer... yes! Your favourite shower steamers are now available as refills for previously purchased jars and easily shippable!

Available in the original "invigorating" blend of pink grapefruit & peppermint, a new calming french lavender, and the seasonal eucalyptus & herb - a shower ~essential~

Stock me up

new year, new skin (routine)

If you're anything like us you have a bathroom drawer filled with past attempts of sticking to a skincare routine with 10 steps and no results.

This is your sign to toss it in the trash, keep your counters clutter free and get #onlytheessentials with our natural based skincare line for all skin types. A resolution you can finally stick to!

clear skin who?

meditate through the lockdowns

Om(my goodness) not again.

Take a deep breathe and relax, you've made it this far and will continue to thrive through 2022. The namaste you love in our lotion and bath salts is now available in a 10mL diffusing blend. Cedarwood, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Ylang Ylang, and Cedar Leaf all work in harmony to help you invoke peace, balance and tranquility.

namastay at home

make self-care an everyday occasion

turn on your diffuser. fill the bathtub. put on that face mask.


LOVE the face masks packed full of essential oils! Lee and Claire set me up with an at-home spa experience that is just as good as the real thing... if not better!! Looking forward to seeing them expand their line.

Phoenix Parisilla

I'm so glad I found Amber Earth. Not only are their oils fantastic, but they're also afforadable! Moving apartments was a little easier knowing I could turn on the diffuser and it would smell like home again.

Taehu Kwon

WHAT AMAZING PRODUCTS. They smell amazing and suit your needs. I had so many questions and every question was answered..amazing customer service. Go ahead and give Amber Earth products a try you will not regret it. I will be ordering more for myself, birthday gifts and stocking stuffers for christmas

Kaitlyn D'Costa

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